Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joshua's Story: Books in the Bins, Books for Kids

What a great story! Read how Joshua's love for books and reading started at the Library and how he used his passion to share books with others.

Books in the Bins: Books for Kids

Joshua Gammon has been reading since he was 3 years till this date he still love to read every day. Joshua attended story time at library when he was younger that where he got he’s love for book and wants to share books with other children in the community. Connie Ellington in Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Outreach Department helped coordinate Joshua Gammon with his Book Drive.

Joshua Gammon Eagle project is giving back his love for books by doing a book drive for new teachers of FOCUS schools in Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools. “FOCUS” schools are schools that are on the verge of becoming Title 1 or becoming low-income. The “FOCUS” school I selected to do the book drive for is University Meadows Elementary School in the University City area of Charlotte. At University Meadows, seasonal and veteran teachers received a grant from the state to get new school supplies and books for their classrooms, but the new teachers did not get funds, therefore they have to buy books and school supplies out of their own money. When I heard this, it touched me deeply, so I decided that I was going to do my Eagle project by helping out the new teachers who are coming into University Meadows by doing a book drive to help out with this epidemic. Being involved in the library programs throughout Joshua Gammon life encourage him to dream big, gain life skills, continue to be a lifelong learner by reading and sharing his love for reading with others.