Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome Carmella Morrison

Carmella Morrison
The Outreach Department welcomes Carmella Morrison.  She is a student at UNC Charlotte. Carmella Morrison is a summer intern who comes to us through Crossroads Charlotte. She will be working on community building and social capital projects. Miss Morrison has been working in the department for two weeks and she has already assisted in our Job Help Center, which is our Crossroads project and  the Career Cruiser; the Library's Crossroads initiative. Carmella has also worked in other community building projects such as the Reid Park summer reading initiatives and she participated in early literacy programs at the Bilingual Preschool. On Thursday, June 30, Carmella had the opportunity to meet a delegation of Russian Librarians. She heard how library services are offered in a different countries and how they serve their patrons and volunteers.

We hope that Carmella has a wonderful experience that will assist her with her education and career. We also want to give Carmella an opportunity to make a positive difference in the community. To learn more about Crossroads Charlotte go to

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