Friday, February 10, 2012

Never Too Old to Learn

Meet Ms. Moton. She is 105 years old and she decided to learn how to use a computer. She always had the desire to learn, but she never had the means or opportunity...until she agreed to participate in the Library Outreach program hosted at her Derita senior nutrition sites, run by Davida Kinsey. When Ms. Moton has a nutritious meal, she also participates in basic computer classes.Ms. Moton's 80 year old daughter brings her to the class and now she can use the mouse and keyboard. Ms. Moton mind is sharp, she has quick wit and a desire to learn. When the instructor, Dot Siler asked if she needed help she was told to stop hovering!
Ms. Moton did learn how to let up on the keys!
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is an affordable place to receive computer classes. The library also provides remote classes and opportunities to reach people who cannot use the library in a traditional manner like Ms. Moton who has limited mobility. Outreach programs are so much more than a simple activity, it provides access and the opportunity for seniors, such as Ms. Moton to participate in continuing learning opportunities that support healthy aging. The library currently provides programs at six senior nutrition locations. For more information on Senior Outreach Programs contact Dot Siler at


Carol Baldwin said...

I'd love to meet Ms. Moton and interview her. IS that a possibility? IF so, please contact me at I am writing a book that takes place in Charlotte in 1950 and would love to hear her stories!

Jane Steele, MA Career Assitant said...

She is a national treasure! Ophrah needs to interview her ASAP! Jane Steele, MA